Kate’s Writings and The Trannies

Kate of Gaia’s writings, documents and essays were originally created in English, and can be found here:


Some of Kate’s many friends, family and fellow truthers/truth-‘whores’ have felt inclined to translate some of her writings into their native language or other languages in which they are fluent.

We refer to these translations as ‘The Trannies’.


This kind service to others is very much appreciated and we know has been done with pure love intent and the desire to spread truth as far as possible into non-English-speaking communities around the world.

Therefore, we are delighted to be able to share these trannies here for all those who will find them useful and helpful in their quest for truth.

With heartfelt thanks to those who have taken the time and effort, (not an easy task!) to translate any of Kate of Gaia’s writings.

thank you

If you would like to add to this collection of ‘Trannies’, you may translate any of ‘Kate’s Writings’ and then email your translation(s) to: kogtrans@gmail.com

Thank you.

~By your actions are you known.~

Disclaimer: Kate of Gaia wrote the original English versions only.  These trannies have not been produced by her.  It is therefore advisable to bear this in mind and use/share these trannies at your own discretion.  If there is any doubt as to their content being accurate/in line with Kate’s original English versions it will not be possible for Kate to assist in debating issues arising, nor with making corrections.   Therefore, we advise everyone who possibly can to read and understand the original English versions written by Kate of Gaia in her own unique and brilliant style.